My Documents

Securely store your important documents

Using the WiGime™ mobile app

WiGime™ is a Mobile Payments and Mobile Wallet service that allows you to securely store important documents in an encrypted format to your WiGime™ account. Not on your phone!

To create an account download the WiGime™ mobile app. It's free!

Available on the iPhone App Store

Available on the Android Marketplace

The WiGime™ Service is only valid where allowed by the Local Laws of your State of Jurisdiction.

Advantages: Take a Photo and Securely Store...

  • Licenses
  • Membership cards
  • Insurance cards
  • Important documents
  • Registrations
  • Anything...!

How does it work?

Log in to the app and select "My documents".

How does it work?
WiGime devices

Other features available in the WiGime™ mobile app

  • Scan and Buy™ Buy products directly from printer catalogs, flyers, posters, websites of TV programs!
  • Scan and Pay™ Pay bills by just scanning the QR code on an invoice, select payment date, accept amount and hit Pay. Done!
  • Scan and Donate™ Donate to a participating charity or non-profit in just a few seconds! No credit cards or checks involved. No calling or mailing.
  • Send Money / Gifts As easy as you can donate to a non-profit, you can instantly send money to other WiGime™ Consumer account holders!