WiGime™ Fee Schedule in USD

Service Description Consumers1 Merchants/Retailers2
Application Download Free Free
Virtual Terminal Fees N/A None
Initiation Fee None None
Monthly Fees None None
Inactivity Fees None None
Termination Fee None None
Sending Money $0.30 $0.30
Sending Gift $0.30 N/A
Receiving Money Free Free
Receiving Gifts Free N/A
Sending Money Soon Soon
Sending Gift Soon N/A
Receiving Money Soon Soon
Receiving Gifts Soon N/A
Loading Funds into your WiGime™ account from
Bank Account (ACH) Free Free
Credit Card Free N/A
Unloading Funds from your WiGime™ account to
Bank Account (ACH)4 3.25% $0.50
Credit Card N/A N/A
Purchases/Payments using
WiGime Payment Codes™ (WPC)3 Free 3.25%*
Scan and Buy™ Free 3.25%*
Scan and Pay™ Free 3.25%*
Scan and Donate™ / Donations Free 3.25%*
Sending Donations5 Free 3.25%*
Receiving Donations N/A 3.25%*

1 Transaction fees will be added to the transaction amount
2 Transaction fees will be deducted from the transaction amount
3 WiGime Payment Codes™ (WPC) = temporary unique expiring transactional credit card-like numbers
4 Minimum amount for unloading to your bank account is $10.00
5 Merchants can send donations to other non-profit merchants at no cost to the sender

*On the total transaction amount (shipping, taxes, etc.)