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Consumer FAQs

What is WiGime™?

WiGime™ - Transactional Security With Mobile Convenience!

Revolutionizing Mobile Money Services, WirelessGifting℠, QR code purchasing and M2M Money Transfers!


  • Send/Receive Money and Gifts
  • Make Purchases Securely From Advertisements
  • Make Purchase From Online e-Commerce Stores
  • Make Purchases at Traditional Brick & Mortar Stores
  • With Merchants Using the Wireless On-the-Go WiGime™ POS Tablet Application
  • Pay a Bill!
How secure is WiGime™?


  • Unlike Credit Cards and Debit Cards WiGime™ is very secure!
  • WiGime™ provides a secure personal proxy account (A proxy account)
  • Security features 256-bit encryption
  • Double Authentication for web and app log in
  • Never give out your credit card, debit card or banking information ever again!
How can I Sign Up?

Just Sign up by Downloading the WiGime™ Mobile Application from the Android Marketplace or the iTunes AppStore.

Select the Sign up button and Follow the Instructions.

How do I Send Money?

Very Easy!

Using your WiGime™ Mobile Application (WMA) just select

  • "Send Money or Gift"
  • "Send a Donation"
  • ... and follow the on-screen options!
How to Make a Purchase?

Using the WiGime™ Mobile Application (for Smartphones)

  • Open the WiGime™ Mobile Application (WMA)
  • Select Generate WiGime™ Payment Code (WiGiCode)
  • Enter an Amount You are Requesting
  • Your Personalized WiGime™ Payment Code will Appear
  • Have a Merchant Scan it Using Their Mobile Phone or Tablet by Using the WiGime™ POS Application
How do I Receive Money?

Very Easy!

When you are sent money or a gift you will be alerted through a text message.

You Must be Signed-up as a member to receive funds. Visit the iTunes AppStore or the Android Marketplace to download the WiGime™ Mobile App to Sign Up.

Windows Phone is pending.

How to Load my Account?

Your WiGime™ Account is a Secure Mobile Account Which Can be Linked and Loaded by Any of the Following Sources:

  • Personal Savings or Checking Accounts
  • Payroll Disbursements/ Direct Deposits
  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Agents/Banks and ATMs
How do I use the money in my WiGime™ account?

Very Easy!

  • Once You Created an Account and Your Phone is Registered You Can Receive Funds Immediately
  • The Funds in Your Account Remain Inactive Until You Request an Allocation for a Specific Amount
  • Activation of Your Account Funds Can Only be Performed by You Using Your Registered Mobile Phone
  • Generating a WiGiCode Activates and Allocates That Amount From Your Total Available Funds
  • This is Like Having a Temporary Assigned Credit/Debit Card Number That Can Never be Used Again
  • Just Present the WiGiCode Online or to a Cashier and Your Payment Will be Processed
Who Can Load Money?

The following people can load money:

  • Anyone can load funds to your account
  • Family & Friends, Parents, Aunts, Uncles, Siblings etc...
  • Employers: Payroll disbursements, Direct Deposit
  • Yourself
What is a WiGime™ Payment Code (aka:WiGiCode)?

The WiGime™! Payment Code is:

  • Your Unique Transaction Code
  • Limited to Specified Requested Amount
  • Time-Sensitive
  • Used to Make Purchases (Online/Offline)
  • Passed to the Merchant's WiGime™ POS Checkout
  • Can be Used Online at Participating Merchants
  • Or Can be Send Directly to Merchants by Selecting their Merchant ID on the WiGime™ App
Can I send my WiGime™ Payment Code as payment?


  • Using the application Generate a WiGime™ Payment Code (aka:WiGiCode)
  • Provide the Information and Select Send
  • Your Payee will Receive Payment to Their Account Immediately
  • Funds will be deducted from your available amount
Why Load Funds?

Why Load Funds?

  • Security, Convenience and Freedom
  • No More Credit/Debit Card Fraud
  • No More Identity Theft
  • Purchase Items Using Your Mobile Phone
  • An ATM Built Into Your Phone
  • Ditch the Cash, the Paper and the Plastic!
Can I send Money to non-members?


  • Send Money to Non-members
  • Your Recipients Receive an Alert to Sign On to WiGime™ to Establish Their Account
  • Once they are Registered They Can Receive Funds Immediately
  • You Cannot Send Funds Directly to a Non-Member
What if I lose my phone?

Phone Lost! No Worries!

  • Log Into Your Account by Selecting "Default cell phone not handy"
  • Once Logged In Select Phone and Lock Down Temporary
  • Or Notify Customer Service
What is QR purchasing?

QR Purchasing WiGime™ Scan and Buy!

  • Special Merchant WiGime™ Retail Ad - * Special Merchant WiGime™ Retail Ad - WiGime™ Merchants Place QR Codes on Electronic Ads, Computer Ads, Social Media Ads, Paper Ads, Magazine Ads… etc
  • Wherever You See the WiGime™ Purchase logo - The product can be bought using WiGime™
  • Select Scan and Buy on the WiGime™ Mobile App: Point, Shoot and Buy!
  • A Fulfillment Page Will Allow You to Make a Direct Purchase From the Advertisement
Can I Store My Personal Documents?

Yes Through the WiGime™ Mobile App (WMA) you can securely store:

  • Your License,
  • Your Registrations,
  • Your Insurance Cards,
  • Your Membership Cards,
  • ... Anything!

We alert you when these are about to expire!

You can view and edit these at any time!

Merchant FAQs

What is WiGime™ to Merchants?

WiGime™ for Merchants!

  • A Secure Mobile Money Sservice/e-Wallet Solution
  • Allowing Customers to Make Purchases Securely With the Convenience of Their Phone
  • Allowing Customers to Make Purchases From Merchant's Advertisements
  • Allows Purchases From Online eCommerce Stores
  • Allows Purchases From Small Businesses Using the On-the-Go WiGime™ Mobile POS Application. (Download to your tablet or phone from the Android Marketplace)
Who can benefit from WiGime™?

Below are some examples of merchants who are successfully using mobile payments in their day-to-day transactions:

  • Artists / Craftpersons
  • Carpenters
  • Charitable Donations
  • Distributed Sales Forces
  • Electricians
  • Fundraisers
  • General contractors
  • HVAC / AC Sales & Service
  • Landscapers
  • Mobile Vendors: trade shows, fairs, kiosks
  • Online eCommerce Merchants
  • Plumbers
  • Private Practices / Small Business
  • Roofing / Siding Contractors
  • Taxi / Limo / Airport Transportation
  • Small Business Owner
  • Delivery Services
  • Physician
  • Lawyer
  • Accountant
What is so special about WiGime™?

Special Merchant Features!

  • Reduced Security Risks
  • No Identity Theft Issues for the Merchants to worry about
  • No Monthly Fees
  • No Activation Fees
  • No Terminal Fees
  • No Termination Fees
  • Low Transaction Fees
  • WiGime™ Portable Mobile POS for On-the-Go Merchants
Why Should I Use WiGime™?

Why Use It?

  • Security- No more risks with Credit Cards, Debit Cards or cash
  • Convenience - WiGime™ Portable Mobile POS for Android tablets
  • New Wave Marketing with QR Purchasing and Advertising
  • Return business with couponing directly to the mobile handset
  • Closely monitor all Transactions through your mobile WiGime™ POS or your account online
  • Lose the paper
How does it work?

How Does It Work?

  • Merchants Sign Up and Establish an Account
  • Customers Sign Up and Establish an Account and Load Funds
  • Customers Make Purchases or Pay Bill Invoices Instantaneously
  • Payments Get Deposited Directly into Your WiGime™ Account Immediately
  • By Keeping a Minimum Amount of Money in Your Account - Bank Transfers Are Free & Charge Backs Are Free
  • Online Checkout Integrating with APIs into the Website Check Out Process (Integrated into OS Commerce)
  • Using the On-the-Go WiGime™ POS Application You Can Start Accepting Payments From Anyone Anywhere!
What is a WiGime™ Payment Code (aka:WiGiCode)?

The WiGime™! Payment Code is:

  • A QR Code Representation of The Customer's Unique Transaction Code Limited to Their Requested Amount
  • It is Time-Sensitive, Single-Use and Never Duplicated
  • Scan It From the Customers Phone Using the WiGime™ POS Application
  • Used to Make Purchases (Online/Offline)
  • Can be Used Online at Participating Merchants
  • Can be Sent Directly to Merchants by Selecting their Merchant ID on the Customer's WiGime™ App
  • Can be Sent As a Donation to Non-Profits That Sign Up With WiGime™
What is WiGime™ QR Purchasing (Scan Ad) and Advertising?

WiGime™ Scan and Buy - QR Purchasing!

  • Merchants Can Sign Up for QR Code Advertisements
  • Customers Can Make Direct Purchases From QR Codes Posted Along Side Your Product Using Scan And Buy
  • WiGime™ Access to Your Product Information, Quantity, Size/Color Options, Sale Price and a Picture
  • Scan and Buy QR Barcode is Generated by us
  • This Code Can be Copied and Displayed Anywhere by Your Advertisers/Agents (Online, Magazines, Newspapers, Fliers etc..)
  • The WiGime™ QR (Scan and Buy) barcodes can be Read and Purchased by WiGime™ Customers for Direct Purchases
What is WiGime™ Scan and Pay?

WiGime™ Scan and Buy - QR Purchasing!

  • Invoices Can be Sent to Customers With a QR Code
  • Bills are Made Directly From the Invoice Which Can be Emailed or Mailed
  • Secure - No Personal Financial Information Required
  • Lower Fees and Funds Immediately Deposited Into Your WiGime™ Account