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Company Overview

The concept of the WiGi system originated in 2008 and has been incubated over several years. WiGi, Inc opened its doors with a dual purpose: First, was to address the growing concerns of domestic and international security issues and risks that keep reoccurring with transactional fraud using credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, identity theft etc... Second was aligning the initial concept with an established market driver- the Gift Card Industry.

Hence, the name original name WiGi originating from the concept of WirelessGifting™! With a personal touch the company went on to creating its d.b.a: WiGime™.

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With the changing landscape in the global market place since inception, WiGime™ had went on to establish itself as a US-based mobile software development company whose primary mission and core focus was to develop a secure mobile wallet system solution which allows for the secure utilization of making purchases, sending monies and paying bills thereby, potentially reducing and possibly eliminating transactional fraud associated with stolen credit/debit card numbers, identity theft, other financial payment transactions. The goal to regain eroded consumer and merchant confidence in the marketplace that has been caused significant losses revenue from stolen credit cards, debit cards, gift cards and identity theft; and help by saving billions of dollars in losses that occur daily in the global markets as a result from these egregious criminal acts. A second visionary goal will be to conveniently and securely complete both domestic and international money transfers globally for money remittance and payroll distribution to individuals' mobile phones with a natural extension of having them be able to also transact business using only their mobile phones. Our company has developed six digital mobile money end-to-end applications which make up the WiGime™ product line placing the company in a uniquely strong position in both domestic and international markets.

WiGime™ has developed and designed a mobile and web-based system to address the aforementioned problems while adhering to the rules and regulations of the current banking industry standards (Know your Customers (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML). This system has been built with consumers and merchants in mind and is both telecom and bank agnostic. Built for the now and the future it can only be used with traditional and future smart phones platforms with data plan capability. As the global market changes the WiGime™ Mobile Application (WMA), has been built for iPhone and Android platforms and the WiGime™’s POS Application (WiGime™ POS) built on the android platform allowing ON-THE-GO Mobile Merchants to accept payments from any WiGime™ Consumer. The security lies at several layers starting with PCI, SAS-70/SSAE-16 compliant databases with state-of-the-art encryption technology and individual mobile-unit-identifying encrypted technology. The WiGime™ Point-of-Sale (POS) systems the software "WiGime™ POS" and our online terminal based POS have been built for merchants/agents allowing them to be able to accept payments through secure transmission over 256 bit- encryption with SSL/TLS network system.

WiGime™ has the potential to benefit a variety of users depending on their specific needs and has been built from the ground up with the core focus on security. WiGime™ is a patent-protected solution that allows both consumers and merchants to establish a secure proxy accounts between their main financial accounts and the outside world thereby allowing for secure transactional data to be generated and funds allocated only when requested by the consumer reducing transactional fraud and identity theft.

We envision this fringe technology as the "Holy Grail" that will help improve the security issues affecting domestic and international commerce, help improve consumer and business confidence for both traditional and online commerce by having addressed the risks associated with financial and transactional fraud. Additionally, the paradigm shift this technology will invoke will stimulate interests and vitalize innovation that will open up new opportunities globally.


WiGime's security and compliance program utilizes industry standard procedures that are similar to and conform with the procedures used by leading financial services providers, mobile operators, third party auditors and state regulators. WiGime is registered with FinCen, the U.S. Department of Treasury's lead agency in the fight against money laundering. The WiGime Compliance Team oversees, monitors and files required suspicious activity reports (SARs) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) activity and transaction fraud-detection programs. The Team maintains records, tracks money flow and detects suspicious activity.

WiGi Inc. (DBA WiGime) is licensed and authorized to conduct business by the state of Florida as a Money Transmitter Part II under the License number: FT230000059. WiGi Inc. (DBA WiGime) is also registered with the USA Department of the Treasury (IRS) as a Money Service Business (MSB) form (FinCEN Form 107) DCN 20112640005325.

WiGime's alignment with multiple payment gateways enables WiGime users to easily process interbank transactions across payment networks, and to transparently integrate through debit network connections. WiGime adds value to its banking and merchant partners by providing unique services that leverage money transfer and enable merchant payments.

WiGime's high-performance data systems reside in state-of–the-art SAS70 Type II data centers. The centers are located in separate US geographies to ensure availability, redundancy, the highest level of performance. WiGime performs regular compliance and disaster recovery testing to ensure conformance with it's' partners service level agreements.

WiGime's security and compliance program mitigates risk and protects against losses incurred through fraudulent payments. WiGime's security services extend the capability of the company's risk management, verification and authentication capabilities to consumer users, suppliers of funds, and merchants who use WiGime.